Bio-Gourt: Multi-Mix and
Multidip manufacturer

Canadian entrepreneur Côme Veilleux had worked in the dairy bar industry for 40 years when he chose to make his dream a reality: become a manufacturer and distributor of equipment that would allow business owners to offer a wide variety of frozen desserts to their customers.

In 2004, Mr. Veilleux acquired Bio-Gourt International, a company that has been growing at a rapid pace since 1986 and has been established in more than 50 countries. From its warehouse located in Quebec City, the company has become a leader in its industry thanks to their personalized services that allow clients to benefit from the Multi-Mix and Multidip equipment.

The Bio-Gourt International mission

The Bio-Gourt International team is proud to promote healthy eating through the distribution of equipment that facilitates the creation of desserts and snacks made with yogurt, tofu and fruit. Because healthy eating goes hand in hand with having fun, Côme Veilleux and his team aim to optimize the use of the Multi-Mix mixer and the Multidip chocolate melter around the world.