Multi-Mix and Multidip
Equipment Manufacturer

Bio-Gourt International has the perfect equipment to help you grow your customer base and impress your patrons. Our machines make it possible to offer your customers a variety of frozen treats and healthy delicacies. The Multi-Mix mixer and the Multidip chocolate melter give you infinite frozen dessert, layered dessert, sweets and snack possibilities that complement the diverse wishes and needs of today’s customers.

Frozen yogurt – Frozen tofu desserts – Ice cream – Blizzards – Milk shakes – Sorbet – Gelato – Iced cappuccino – Soft serve – Dipped cones

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Distributor of frozen sweets

Since 1986, Bio-Gourt International has manufactured and distributed the Multi-Mix mixer, the most efficient machine on the market for creating frozen yogurt and other frozen desserts.

Join a growing number of companies around the world that have increased their sales by purchasing a Multi-Mix mixer and a Multidip chocolate warmer. Whether you own a dairy bar, ice cream shop, chocolate shop, bakery, snack bar, canteen, restaurant, campground, grocery store or any other business that can offer healthy treats to its customers, you can count on Bio-Gourt International.

Feel free to contact us for more information about our Multi-Mix and Multidip equipment, which are both very easy to use and maintain.

The team at Bio-Gourt International is happy to provide personalized support services to ensure that the purchase, use, maintenance and profitability of all new Multi-Mix and Multidip equipment is simple and effective.

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