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It works as a frozen yoghurt, an ice cream mixer, frozen tofu mixer, and a sorbet mixer which will offer your customers an unlimited number of flavours and which will bring your business enormous profits.

Multi-Mix, the name says it all, mixes all the ingredients that you wish, the only limit is your imagination : fresh frozen fruits, cookies, nuts, etc.

This sumptuous mix offers a tasty and nutritious alternative for people who are watching what they eat.
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Bio-Gourt Internationale Inc.
735, avenue Pruneau, local 100, Québec (Québec) Canada G1M 2J9
Phone 418.682.2210 - Fax 418.683.0694

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Louise Veilleux & Côme Veilleux: 418.682.2210 ext. 0

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In February 2004, Côme Veilleux, a Canadian business man known for its extensive experience in the dairy market and ice cream business, has taken over the International Company Bio-Gourt Inc; a corporation that can be found in more than 50 countries throughout the world.

Bio-Gourt Internationale Inc. is the manufacturer of the Multi-Mix machine for the production of frozen yogurt, frozen tofu, ice-cream and healthy meals based around potatoes and vegetables. Bio-Gourt International Inc. has manufactured the Multi-Mix machine for over 22 years.
the future is to health
Multi-Mix mixes food that is low in calories for a population that is affected with high obesity. In 2002, 65% of the United States population was over weight and 30% of them were obese. Even though the United States is in first place for the proportion of its population being obese, Canada, Europe, and Asia are not far behind. At this rate, these statistics will extend to worldly levels very soon.

Overweight children are affected by illnesses such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hyperglycemia, sleep apnea, orthopedic problems, and diabetes. As adults, they will be affected by heart disease and cancer.
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Exterior finish: Very resistant stainless steel
Mixing blade: Stainless steel
Mixing cone: ABS plastic
Electrical feeds:
Max.15 amp; 115V/60Hz; simple phase;1 H.P.
Max.6.5 amp; 220V/60Hz;
Max.6.5 amp; 220V/50Hz
Security: On and off switch
Rinsing system: an internal and easy to use system

Factory certification: All products are examined and tested before being sent out to customers

Weight: 170 pounds/77kg

1 year guarantee on all parts except for plastic.